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Merkur Double Edge Safety Razor, blue Handle

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We carry a large selection of premiums and luxury Traditional Classic Wet Shaving Supplies, Shaving sets and shaving kits, Travel shaving kits, Straight Razors, Shaving Safety Razors, Shaving Brushes, Shaving Razor Blades, Shaving Cream & Shaving Soaps. Imported from Germany, England and USA

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Merkur Safety Razor Nickel-Plated
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Double Edge razors, safety razors, merkur safety razors, mach 3 razor, shaving blades

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Merkur Double Edge Safety Razor, Red Handle

Double Edge Razors

Shaving is necessary for all men and it is to be done on a daily basis. Men are generally said to be the rough and tough types. However, they too have to take good care of their skin. Shaving regularly at times makes the skin dry and rough. Hence, it is very important men use good double edge razor, double edge razor blades and accessories for daily shaving  use. There are many companies promoting mens shaving razors which are suitable for your skin. We have a variety of shaving kits and accessories for sale. We sell Merkur shaving products and Edwin Jagger which are said to be the best in the market. Merkur is a German company located in Solingen and all its products are imported just for you. Merkur has a variety of shaving products like Merkur double edge razor, Merkur double edge razors, Merkur razors, etc. You can choose from a variety of collection and can have a shaving kit based on your skin type. Merkur has products specifically designed to give comfort, make shaving easy and a relaxing activity, and considering every skin type.

Merkur takes utmost precautions when it comes to the safety of a man. When using a razor while shaving men tend to be a little careless and hasty. A little carelessness can lead to a cut or a scar on their face. It is very important to take precautions while shaving. Merkur has double edge safety razors which reduce the chances of cutting yourself when shaving. Though the double edge razor blades are sharp Merkur double edge razors , are designed in such a manner that the risk of cutting yourself is minimized. Merkur double edge razors are very effective for men who prefer wet shave. The handle can be twisted and the top can be opened to replace a new double edge razor blade. This razor uses the standard double edge razor blades to give you a clean and smooth shave.

There are many types of Merkur double-edge safety razors,. To name a few we have Merkur double-edge long handle razor, this is for men who prefer long handle for the razor to hold and guide the razor comfortably. Merkur vision 2000 double edge razor, adjustable razor, this double edge razor is apparently said to be the most advanced Merkur double edge razor. It has the twist to open facility to change razor blades, when you turn the collar of the razor its head opens up and you can replace the razor blades. The specialty of this razor is you can adjust the level of clones and fine tune your shave as per your beard type. This can be done just by adjusting the handle of the razor. The next is Merkur double edge razors HD long classic barber pole. This razor is also a double-edge safety razor. It belongs to Merkurs HD series which are said to be very famous and most sellable in the market. The razor handle looks like an American barber pole and hence the name given to it is ‘Long Classic Barber Pole’. There are swirls all over the handle which gives the person a better grip when holding the razor which shaving.

There are two more new types of Merkur double edge razors which are exclusively available for sale at our stores. The first one is Merkur Travel double edge Safety Razor – Straight. This razor can be dissembled and is easy to carry when you are traveling. This compact razor is a double edge razor with a straight guard meant for a close type of shave. The handle is knurled and gives a good grip. This razor comes with a leather storage case to store dissembled parts of the razor when traveling. Similarly, the other razor which is exclusive for sale is Merkur Travel double edge Razors – Comb. This too is a double edge razors but has a comb guard. The comb guard helps in an extremely close shave. This razor too can be dissembled and can be used when traveling. It comes with a neat leather storage kit.

Along with excellent razors Merkur is also a good brand when it comes to selection of double edge shaving razor blades. Merkur has different types of blades available for your neat and trimmed shave. You can choose the beast double-edge blades that will give you a neat clean shave. Merkur shaving double edge blades as compared to others are very sharp and long lasting. Merkur  platinum double edge razor blades are very popular. You get a pack of 10 blades. The specialty of Merkur super platinum double edge blade is it is long lasting has platinum coating. And is made of stainless steel used for double edge razors. These blades are made in Germany. You can also get larger packs of Merkur super platinum double edge blades if placed an order in advance. We can arrange for you a pack of 30 Merkur super platinum double edge blades.

Merkur mens double edge razors are said to be the best and we have all their products available at reasonable rates. Many of Merkur double edge razors have discounted prizes and many free bees coming along your way. You can avail the discounts by visiting our website or our stores. Merkur makes sure it gives you the best products so that you can enjoy your shave and the feel of your skin after you shave. We make sure we deliver Merkur products and Edwin Jagger double edge razors and shaving sets to you so that you can have a good morning everyday. You can also buy our products online and we make sure we give you timely delivery for all the products you have purchased. In order to take advantage of our discounted prices, make sure you book your order today. 

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